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Rock Trails is a series of guidebooks about the geology and scenery of our favourite landscapes. They’re just the right size for the top of your rucksack and include walking guides to the best views of the most fascinating visible evidence of the history of the landscape. Full of photographs of the grand vistas and tiny details you can expect to see, as well as clear diagrams and maps (and a really useful simplified geology map of the whole are inside the back cover). Written in plain English, with the minimum of geological jargon, the grand story of the craggy hilltops, rolling valleys, vertiginous cliffs and the myriad rocks underfoot, is one that everyone can share.

Paul GannonThe author, Paul Gannon, is a science and technology writer and author the widely praised account of the birth of the electronic computer during world war II, Colossus: Bletchley Park’s Greatest Secret. He is a qualified mountain leader and organises landscape walks in North and South Wales.

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