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Praise for Rock Trails Snowdonia

‘I look forward to taking this book with me on any future trips to North Wales’, Emily Rodway, TGO magazine.’A cracking little book’, Mal Creasey, MLTE newsletter.

‘Allows even the most familiar landscape to be seen through a fresh perspective’, Colin Wells, Climb magazine.

Since it was released in March 2008 Rock Trails Snowdonia has rapidly become a very popular book with hillwalkers, climbers and those with an interest in geology and scenery of Britain’s wonderful mountain landscapes. The plain, straightforward language conveys the fascinating story behind the area’s fearsome geological history with fiercely violent volancoes and massive glaciers. Now author Paul Gannon has written another easy to understand hillwalker’s guide to the geology and scenery of Lakleland. Both books are aimed directly at the average hillwalker. Simple plain writing makes geology a straightforward subject for everyone. The author introduces the basic concepts of plate tectonics, volcanoes, mountain-building and glaciation and how they have shaped the landscape. The Lakeland book includes 15 guided walks on much loved fells including Scafell Pike, Great Gable, Helvellyn, Langdale Pikes, Pike o’ Blisco, Bowfell, High Street, Whiteside, Catbells and other scenic spots such as Derwentwater and Wastwater.

Author Paul Gannon says ’Writing a book is a long-term process. It all starts with an idea. I love walking in the hills and mountains and, ever since studying geography at school, I’ve loved finding out more about why the mountains look like they do. But geology is always such a difficult subject to get a grip of. Its scientific language may allow for precision, but it also presents a major barrier to wider understanding. So my idea was to approach the subject, not as a geologist, but as a walker. What explains the landforms I can see when I’m out walking is what interests me.’

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  1. 1 Penny May 6th, 2009 at 1:45 pm

    This is on my birthday present list!

    Is Paul going to do some books for Scotland? (I’m sure more than one will be needed for such a geologically interesting country). I’d love to have one on the far north west…

  2. 2 admin Jul 16th, 2009 at 1:57 pm

    You’ll have to wait and see Penny ;)

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